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1. Organisation

The European Poultry Club (EPC) is a neutral platform and independent network of entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals in the poultry industry. Therefore the main and central objective of EPC is formal and individual contact between people with similar challenges and needs from different countries. The EPC is managed on a professional basis to establish an open, live and vital network with quick and easy contact among the members. The EPC was founded in 2002.

EPC is an independent Club, with its own statutes. EPC is officially registered in Frankfurt and is managed by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts  Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society) on contract basis. DLG is the leading agricultural and food organisation for future-oriented entrepreneurs in Germany with a strong view on international topics.

2. Objectives and tasks

EPC promotes the European idea of cooperation beyond borders, which is even more important today. EPC is the decision-maker’s platform of the international poultry business. Issues are the branches’ common strategic topics: Digitization, disruptive business models, international trade and standards, international markets, trends in production and processing, animal welfare and many more.

Tasks and aims

EPC supports its members by creating occasions for matchmaking, networking, strategical and technical input. 

  • Strategic and technical issues, effects of digitization on business models, poultry production and markets, administration and social aspects.
  • Promotion of the European idea of integration and cooperation beyond borders.
  • Intensification of cooperation in Europe’s and international agriculture, especially poultry industry.
  • Formation of an international producers and organisations network of poultry production.
  • Exchange of information and experience in European and international egg and poultry production.
  • Identification and discussion of trends in European and international poultry production.


International EPC Congress 

The EPC Congress is an international event, taking place annually. It alternates with EuroTier’s EPC Congress and EPC Congresses in international poultry business hot spots. 

International decision-makers of global poultry business discuss the latest developments in a time-saving compact structure. 

You will meet highly respected and renowned experts from business, science, politics and administration. EPC members visit poultry industries, poultry farms and companies of international food value chain. EPC has a great mixture of strategic and technical topics, networking and cultural events.

3. Membership

Membership can be acquired by poultry farmers or companies, public authorities, federations and other associations. EPC will also consider applications for membership from individuals or organizations outside the EU.  

Contact EPC …
• at the annual congress
• at the Head Office

Head Office

c/o German Agricultural Society (registered society) (DLG e.V.)
Mrs. Susanne Gäckler
Eschborner Landstrasse 122
D-60489 Frankfurt/Main

phone: 0049-69-24788-381
fax: 0049-24788-8381