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Experience and Information


Objectives and tasks

EPC is an association of producers, livestock and poultry farmers, livestock and poultry breeders, and friends of egg and poultry production in Europe who have joined together

  • to promote European integration within society and intensification
  • of cooperation in Europe’s agriculture,
  • to materially promote European agribusiness,
  • for an intensive exchange of information and experience in European egg and poultry production.



EPC addresses issues of economic and production-specific structuring of egg and poultry production and its integration in society in Europe, in close cooperation with practitioners, entrepreneurs and scientists, and serves in particular the following purposes:

  • creation of a neutral platform and network enabling transfer of the latest business and market information as well as scientific findings to practice and society,
  • promotion of all branches and all farm and company sizes in egg and poultry production with regard to management, production, marketing, financing etc.,
  • promotion of European egg and poultry production within the framework of committees, events and exhibitions of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).



  • to hold an annual general assembly and other public events in Europe,
  • to regularly publish work of the EPC and DLG and to inform members of all valuable and interesting proceedings in the various sectoral fields,
  • to hold congresses, meetings, seminars, symposiums and the like, also in conjunction with specialist exhibitions, particularly those of the DLG,
  • to award scholarships and prizes.